Aces Tracking

Aces Criteria

Welcome to the Kids at Hope "Aces Tracking System”! For the first time, schools, youth organizations, recreation departments and other youth centered programs will be able to track those meaningful and sustainable relationships we know, and our research confirms, are critical to the success of all children, No Exceptions!

After logging in to the system through our website, your system administrator will be able to download your school roster, membership list, or participant’s roster. Your staff and volunteers (we call these Treasure Hunters) will then be able to log in and enter the appropriate symbolic "Ace" defining the level of the relationship/connection they have with a child. (Please see the "Aces Criteria" above defining how one decides which Ace to designate.) This is a simple, but enormously powerful data collection and analysis program. After the data has been entered, the principal, director, manager, superintendent or other authorized personnel, will have access to a report illustrating which children are connected to other caring adults and how, as well as which children are disconnected or anonymous in your school, center, or program. This data system takes our good intentions to another level by ensuring that we are indeed intentional about our efforts to connect kids with caring adults. Our early surveys indicated that even within the best schools and youth groups, 25 percent or more of the children were found not to have a single meaningful relationship with the adults serving them.

Again, this level of data is enormously consequential to the development of a culture that can demonstrate how all children succeed, No Exceptions.

If we truly believe and understand that it is the type of relationship that makes a difference, then this innovative and powerful program will support your valued efforts to connect children with caring adults. To find out how your school can participate in the Aces Tracking System, please call us at 1-866-275-HOPE or email